Bash Configuration

December 01, 2012

I came across a blog post by Andrew Hays called Love Your Terminal the other day. While I agree with what he had to say bash was mostly written off in favor of zsh examples. Zsh is great, but I’m too invested in bash to make the switch so I wanted to share how I configure bash to get some of the features zsh users want. If you just want to see some code rather than reading a long winded...

New Blog

November 30, 2012

If you’re reading my blog chances are you already know most of this, but my name is Paul Mooring I work at Opscode and I really like all aspects of creating and maintaining web services. I’m creating this blog to write down my thoughts and opinions on all things tech. Introductory blog posts are boring so I’m going to stop there and make another post on something more exciting.